Week 1: The Elimination Diet Review

Four four days straight, I managed to pass Exit 12 without so much of an urge to make a pit stop on ‘murderous-row’, the restaurant-saturated street on the way to our house.  I resisted the urge to kick this elimination diet shenanigans to the curb and sink my teeth into a juicy, greasy chicken sandwich.  Instead, I went home, pulled out a few salmon fillets, veggies and big girl portabellas and made dinner and prepped meals for the next day.  The future was bright and full of more produce.  Until Day Five came along….

After my four days of elimination zen, I broke down.  I was huuuuungry!  My body said, “Whoah, whoah, whoah.  Girl, are you crazy?  FEED ME!!!”  Is it even possible to live without citrus, potatoes, eggplants, peppers, nuts and seeds, gluten anything, meat (only turkey, fish, and wild game allowed), soy, beans of any kind, dairy, sugar, and canola oil?  And the list goes on.

Im-hungry Patrick

I have to admit that I’m surprised I made it this far on such a restrictive diet and I would’ve gone longer had I not gotten bored with the menu or maybe prepped better, but I had the drive, I was committed all the way up to my first bite of California Roll at my favorite Japanese restaurant on break-down day.  Really, I was.  But I didn’t regret my decision to jump off the wagon.  I needed it.  To regroup, to think this thing over.  To put more protein and fat into my body.

My thinking of going all in on this thing was that I didn’t want to do it in phases.  I wanted to do it once, suffer once, and be done with it.  Get the results I wanted, find out what’s causing these crazy sinus issues.  Boom-Bam-Pow, Done!  But I can’t ignore my voice of reason and hunger headaches.

So what was a typical day like for me?  Why was I so freaking HUNGRY?

Breakfast: Cream of Rice with almond milk, coconut oil, and a pear/apple.

Snack: More fruit

Lunch: Salmon, Veggies, Arborio Rice with Mushrooms and Cauliflower Sauce

Dinner: Turkey Burger (no bread), beet greens, sweet potato wedges

This isn’t enough for a grown woman like me…not even close.

Elimination Dinner

And by the way, everything that you can possibly think of has sugar, citrus, or soy in it.  Including my Vitamin D supplements, which send me searching on Amazon for a substitute.  I even checked the labels on my mouthwash because I WAS dedicated.

Going to Whole Foods proved to be an adventure too. I found myself circling the hot bar, drooling over Thai tofu and citrus rice.  Both yummy and healthy.  Both off-limits.  Ironic, most of the healthy things you typically pick up in a health food store were off limits to me.

But have you noticed that not once in this post have I declared defeat?  That I’m done?  I’m like a surfer.  Rising and falling with the waves and at times I may fall off the board, only to get back on.  This isn’t a failure, just a bump in the road.  I didn’t fall off the wagon, I jumped off to take a different path.  Only time will tell how successful my next attempt will be, but one thing’s for sure, it’s gotta be better than the last.


Healthy Journey!

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Sugar on My Mind


For the past few years I’ve been getting on and off again headaches.  Sometimes they last for a few days and then poof they’re gone.  Now I’m a cause and effect seeking kind of girl.  I like to know how a problem starts, why it starts and how to treat it with the least amount of medication possible.  Heck, I’ll settle for none at all.  I’ve got a couple of menacing wisdom teeth that irritate the heck out of me and have been known to give me headaches.  No surprise there.   Some would say why not just yank those buggers out and get on with life.  Well, that’s a possibility.  I’ve developed mild sinus and allergy problems, but they’re somewhat manageable.  Maybe I have a high tolerance for pain?  Yeah, right!  Okay, well let me get to the point.  I’ve noticed for a while now that my headaches get worst when I consume large amounts of sugary things.  I’m a sugar addict and I don’t hide it.  I want to manage it, not overcome it.  I will always love sugar.  I love to eat desserts and I’m known for my baking skills.  Folks, I can’t give it up completely, but I’m willing to compromise.

Today, I focused on getting my sugar fix from fruit and manipulating the textures and flavors of dates, bananas, and anything I could get my hands on.  I played around with chocolate puddings made with avocados, dates, and unsweetened coco powder.  Yeah, it’ not the box stuff that we consider “real” pudding, but it was close enough for me.  I felt nourished and not deprived.  I was inspired today and more importantly when my boyfriend asked if my head was hurting today, I honestly had to think about it.  The answer was “no.”  I realized that I had so much energy and could barely sit down for two seconds.  According to my fitbit stats, at this very moment, I have walked 14, 582 steps. and 7. 04 miles today.  HOT DIGGITY DOG.  I’m getting it done!

I’m going to experiment for a few more days just to make sure I’m on the right track.  You know, Folks, I’ve got a few sweet tricks up my sleeve.  Stay tuned!

Healthy Journey!


Sugar photo courtesy: http://30daysofgrowth.com/category/no-sugar-challenge/