Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

One of the easiest ways to get a variety of nutrition in a meal is to just make a smoothie.  I like to add a few veggies to my smoothies because sometimes I find it hard to get into the veggie eating mood.  Usually when I purchase a hand of bananas, I break each finger up into six pieces and freeze them (banana cubes).  Afterwards, I just simply throw them  along with a few other ingredients into my Vitamix and let the blender do the rest of the work.

Today, my blender has been working overtime in order to make this scrumptious and nutritious glass of goodness for an afternoon snack.  Now it’s your turn to try it.  Here’s what you’ll need:


Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

(Makes 1 serving)

1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk (original, vanilla, or chocolate)

3-6 banana cubes (frozen banana pieces)

1 tbsp natural peanut butter

1/2 tsp unsweetened coco powder

1/2 scoop vanilla or chocolate protein powder ( I use UMP)

1 cup spinach (may turn smoothie green)

  1. Add all ingredients into blender.  Blend until mixture is smooth.  Simple and Done!


Sugar on My Mind


For the past few years I’ve been getting on and off again headaches.  Sometimes they last for a few days and then poof they’re gone.  Now I’m a cause and effect seeking kind of girl.  I like to know how a problem starts, why it starts and how to treat it with the least amount of medication possible.  Heck, I’ll settle for none at all.  I’ve got a couple of menacing wisdom teeth that irritate the heck out of me and have been known to give me headaches.  No surprise there.   Some would say why not just yank those buggers out and get on with life.  Well, that’s a possibility.  I’ve developed mild sinus and allergy problems, but they’re somewhat manageable.  Maybe I have a high tolerance for pain?  Yeah, right!  Okay, well let me get to the point.  I’ve noticed for a while now that my headaches get worst when I consume large amounts of sugary things.  I’m a sugar addict and I don’t hide it.  I want to manage it, not overcome it.  I will always love sugar.  I love to eat desserts and I’m known for my baking skills.  Folks, I can’t give it up completely, but I’m willing to compromise.

Today, I focused on getting my sugar fix from fruit and manipulating the textures and flavors of dates, bananas, and anything I could get my hands on.  I played around with chocolate puddings made with avocados, dates, and unsweetened coco powder.  Yeah, it’ not the box stuff that we consider “real” pudding, but it was close enough for me.  I felt nourished and not deprived.  I was inspired today and more importantly when my boyfriend asked if my head was hurting today, I honestly had to think about it.  The answer was “no.”  I realized that I had so much energy and could barely sit down for two seconds.  According to my fitbit stats, at this very moment, I have walked 14, 582 steps. and 7. 04 miles today.  HOT DIGGITY DOG.  I’m getting it done!

I’m going to experiment for a few more days just to make sure I’m on the right track.  You know, Folks, I’ve got a few sweet tricks up my sleeve.  Stay tuned!

Healthy Journey!


Sugar photo courtesy: http://30daysofgrowth.com/category/no-sugar-challenge/


Almond Choco-Cherry Smoothie

Almond Choco-Cherry Smoothie

Almond Choco-berry smoothie

Almond Choco-Berry 

1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk (40)

1/2 banana, frozen pieces (55)

1 tbsp unsweetened coco powder (12)

1/4 cup frozen dark cherries (50)

½ tbsp almond butter (48)

1 cup spinach (7)

1 scoop protein powder, vanilla or chocolate (120)

*Throw all ingredients into blender until smooth.  Add extra almond milk or water to thin out if you prefer thinner consistency.

Servings: 1

Calories: 332



Day 4: When the Going Gets Tough

I’m kind of on track these days if you count the fact that I’m still eating every 3-4 hours, eating plenty of protein, veggies, whole grains, and fruity things that grow on trees, however, I came home the other night to find a new edition to the pantry.  Mr. Planters covered in chocolate.  My boyfriend came home with a bag of goodies.  It was a generous gift along with an awesome bag of trail mix and cookies.  Yes, these things happen when you’re trying to avoid them, but that’s where willpower comes in, right?  That’s when you hold your head up high and shout from the top of your lungs, “I will fight temptation.  Chocolate covered peanuts, you have no power over me.”  Sometimes you’re not as tough as you think and that little voice in your head that screams willpower is just a whisper.  Temptation is sometimes much stronger and for me, temptation has won a few times this week.  However, I’m not beating myself up over it.  I had a few goodies, threw he bag of almonds in the back of the pantry and forgot about them for the most part.  My body has been in detox mode all week.  My body has been shaking and craving sugar like it’s nobody’s business.  I’ve managed to still eat well, lose weight, work out, stay hydrated, but it’s obvious that my body is freaking out.  I’m hoping this mellows out in the next week or so.  My new eating lifestyle is much better than it was just a week ago.  All-day sugar binges, fried squid, chunks of bread and butter, and careless thinking are a thing of the past.  I’m much more determined and loving this transformation for the most part.

Insanity has been kicking my butt, but I deserve it.  Change doesn’t come from wishing and wanting.  You just have to make it happen.  Just do it!

Here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for.  It’s food time!


Oat & Fruit Bake w/ Boiled Egg 


Carrot Ginger Soup, Open-Face Almond Butter Fruit Sandwich w/ side of seaweed salad



Coconut Acorn Squash Bisque w/ Marinated Salmon


Lentil Salad Stack



 (10) Chocolate Covered Peanuts

*These meals are 400-450 calories each. Recipes coming soon!