Hello, World!  My name is Shamekia, but some people call me, Chica.  I’ve been on a health journey for quite a while now.  I’ve lost more than 80 pounds and have kept it off for about 10 years, but I’ve still got a lot work to do if I want to reach my goal weight and become fit.

Edited - IMG_1032

This was me at 253 lbs. My heaviest. (2001)

 The first phase of my journey was to lose most of the weight, well, more specifically, to get out of the 200 pound range.  Check!

Sham Weight 3 - Copy

New Years 2010

Sham Weight 4 - Copy

August 2010. Still hovering around 200 lbs after regaining a few pounds.

I accomplished that goal by portion control, staying active, and counting calories, but over the years, I’ve become bored.  I want more change and to build strength, not just to lose weight.

Sham Weight 8

Happy Birthday! May 2011

I want to have a better relationship with food and not use it as a means of punishment or a temporary fix when life isn’t going as planned.  I want to treat my body better, feed it healthier and nutritious food, listen to it, and respect it.  I didn’t do that in the past and as a result I was unhappy, unhealthy, and lacked a positive look on life.

New Years Black - Copy

New Years 2012

But I never gave up!


Fall 2012

I also knew that I was not alone with my struggles.  That is why I created this site and my youtube channel.  I want to inspire and motivate anyone who can take something away from my weight loss to fitness journey.  Watch me succeed, fail, and get back up again.  I want to be inspired by you as well.  Let’s get healthy together!!!


May 2013


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