So what in the heck is this Fingerlickinnutrition?

Honestly, I’m still trying to figure that one out. I had big dreams of turning this blog into a meal prep, work out central, weight loss support, da-bomb-diggity-one-stop-shop for all of your health needs and so much more. And then…I disappeared for two years, no sorry, FOUR YEARS! I was in no position to try to tell anyone how to change their lives when I was struggling to change my own. So I thought. I thought that if I wasn’t perfect, then no one would listen to me or care about the ideas I was trying to put out there into the world.

And I’m just going to keep it real with you, I’m still trying to get my own shit together. I dreamed of telling all of you how the girl down there (below)…

Sham Weight 4 - Copy

August 2010. Still hovering around 200 lbs after regaining a few pounds.

Transformed to this girl…

Sham Weight 8

Happy Birthday! May 2011

Then to this hottie right there…

New Years Black - Copy

New Years 2012


To this health nut…



And now, to this exhausted, anxious dreamer right here…



I’ve been struggling with weight gain over the past three years and lost focus despite the fact that I know what needs to be done to make “healthy living” happen. And just like all of you, life happened. In my case, I moved to a new city and got wooed by a lovely “boy”, moved in with that lovely “boy”, started a job and met some wonderful people. However, a few years later I was diagnosed with anxiety and just simply shut down. I didn’t know how to navigate change and challenges. I didn’t have the tools. I lost focus and started to put the weight back on despite getting help. And now I’m an engaged woman at the awesome age of 34 with belly bloat, Eustachian tube dysfunction (never knew such a thing existed) achy feet, carrying 230 lbs on a 5’7 frame and I feel like poop. I’m tired of being tired of feeling like poop and I’m so damn tired of thinking about food “all of the time.” I feel trapped in this world of super saturated food facts and “Google-litis”.

So I’m breaking the cycle, flipping the script.

What if food and exercise weren’t the main ingredients for weight loss or happiness? What happens when we stop reaching for our iPad and plugging every ailment into a search engine, looking for that magic weight loss elixir that will make everything in the universe okay? What happens if we just…stop? If we do something different like go for a walk after a rough day at work instead of heading to the next Ben & Jerrys? Or better yet, do nothing at all. At least for the next five minutes. Just chill.

What if we feed our bodies and minds with more positive thoughts, personal connections, doing things that make us feel sexy and good about ourselves, honesty with others, honesty with yourself, exploration, challenging ourselves to go above and beyond the norm despite everyone’s expectations? What if those are the missing ingredients to happiness and great health and indirectly, weight loss?

That to me is what Fingerlickinnutrition is about. Food for the body and soul! Honesty about struggles and seeking fulfillment, not perfection. With a side of cake, of course!

I want to explore these ideas and share my journey with you.

Healthy Journey

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