Banana Raisin Wrap

I am the Queen of Throwing Things Together when it comes to making a quick meal.  Sometimes I surprise myself when things actually turn out okay.  Right now I’m falling back in love with wraps because they are easy, versatile, and a good alternative to the typical sandwich.  You know, if my mom would have made wraps for my lunch when I was in junior high, I probably would’ve been one of the coolest kids on the block.  Did I say I was a huge fan of the wrap?  Oh, yeah!

The wrap that I made for you guys is meatless.  Sorry, but I’m trying to stick to this week’s Brown Bag Secret Ingredient.  Must use bananas!  No turkey wraps today, Folks!  I think this wrap would make a great lunch with a side of baby carrots, yogurt, or baked chips.  Feel free to switch things up with whatever you have on hand.  If you’re not into almond butter, peanut butter is amazing too.  Use whole grain, whole wheat, natural, and the least processed ingredients if possible!

Banana Wraps

Banana Raisin Wrap

(Makes 1 serving)

1 whole wheat or whole grain tortilla

1 tbsp natural almond butter

1 tbsp raisins

1 whole banana

2 tsp shredded coconut

Pinch of cinnamon (optional)

Honey (optional)

  1. Lay tortilla on a large plate or napkin.
  2. Spread almond butter on tortilla.
  3. Peel and place banana on top of layer of almond butter.
  4. Sprinkle the raisins, coconut, and cinnamon on top of banana.  Add a drizzle of honey if you prefer.
  5. Roll tortilla tightly.  Make sure mixture is secure in wrap.
  6. Toast your wrap in the oven for about 5-8 minutes. (Optional)
  7. Enjoy!

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