Introducing the Brown Bag Secret Ingredient series!!!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about food.  Well, honestly, I’m always thinking about food and how to make it healthier, simple, and delicious.   I try to consider if it’s possible to make my recipes affordable to everyone.  Will I like the end results?  Will other people like the end results?  You know, what better way to find out than to just put it out there.  But not so fast.  I want to have a little fun with you guys, which is why I’m introducing………….

the Brown Bag Secret Ingredient

The Brown Bag Secret Ingredient

Each week I will choose ONE affordable, healthy, and nutritious ingredient and prepare or cook it five different ways.

Each week I will post a few clues, trivia, or some sort of hint for you guys to guess what in the heck this ingredient could be.  You can post your answer here or follow me on twitter and post it there.

When will the mystery ingredient be revealed?  You’ll have to check out my YouTube channel every Saturday to find out.  All recipes from the Brown Bag Secret Ingredient series will be posted here.

Please feel free to make suggestions or comments and subscribe to my twitter account and YouTube channel.

Let the games begin!

Here’s your first trivia clue:


Healthy Journey!


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