‘Slow Ride, Take It Easy’


Let’s take a road trip.  You know, there’s something about choosing a new place to explore.  Going into the unknown.  Hey, you can even invite a few friends to come along or go solo, see new things, meet new people, and discover just how awesome of a driver you really are.  All you need is a destination, a plan, a map…..oh, wait, (we live in the 21st century) let’s make that a GPS, some dough, and an open-mind, right?  It’s a journey, but know this.  No matter how prepared you think you are, some things are not always within your control.  Poop happens!  Sometimes you run out of gas, you get a flat tire, you could lose cell phone reception, you could put the wrong address in the GPS, or miss a few turns.  My personal traveling experiences have taught me that I run out of patience and can sometimes become anxious when I have no idea what’s to come next.  I often wonder if I’ve driven past my exit because I’ve been on the highway longer than I expected to be.  Am I there yet?  Is this trip really worth the time and effort?  What have I gotten myself into?  The voices of doubt take over and the thought of turning back sounds just as good as the idea of moving forward.  Just when I wanted to give up and turn around, I  saw my next turn just a few yards ahead.

almost there

I think the premise of this road trip applies to my journey to fitness.  I started out with this grande vision of what I want to feel like and look like by the end of the year.  I created meal plans and food guides, made working out a priority, and set realistic weight loss goals.  One to two pounds a week isn’t bad, right?  The first two weeks of my journey were smooth sailing and I got results.  Then there was week three.  Then week four.  The scale stopped moving and confusion set in.  Folks, my body ran our of gas and so did my enthusiasm.  I felt stranded and wanted to thumb a ride back to my comfort zone of junk food binges and couch potato living.  However, this isn’t my first rodeo, Folks.  Weight loss isn’t a new phenomenon to me.  I’ve lost over 90 pounds and have managed to keep 80 pounds off for over a decade now.  Was my journey easier just ten years ago?  Hmmmm!  I wouldn’t say it was easy, but when you’re carrying an excessive amount of weight and making even the smallest changes to your diet and moving more, the body responds differently.  The pounds fly off.  However, when you’re closer to your ideal weight, the body doesn’t give up the fat as quickly.  You have to challenge your body.  You have to recognize and understand your body as it is now and not how it was before.  Gone are the days of dropping two pounds in your sleep by cutting a few calories here and there.  Gone  are the days when sneaking in a few sweet treats didn’t make much of a difference.  The body is now smarter and stronger.  The body knows ‘real’ food calories from junk food calories and it’s not easily fooled.  I now understand the power of clean eating, but no matter where you are throughout your journey, balance and consistency are key.


Week five is here and I’ve already noticed some changes.  I’m starting to feel lighter again and I’ve lost inches.  My workouts are getting somewhat easier and.  I honestly think that my body really needed this week of recovery (Thanks, Shaun T.). I feel that my body is not responding to the Insanity program and my healthier meals.  On second thought, I’m not ready to quit my journey.  It’s time to chill out and stop worrying so much.  I could definitely be doing a lot worse.  It’s going to be a slow ride, but I’m closer now than I was a month ago and that my friends is pretty darn awesome!

Healthy Journey!


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