What’s the Fuss?


Sometimes things fall into place right before you throw in the towel.  Yesterday’s post was an explosion of impatience and lack of understanding.  You know, sometimes when everything else in your life seems like it’s falling apart or not going the way it should, we can take that frustration out on everything else in our lives that’s still going great.  For me, I’m not a huge lover of technology.  Not because I don’t think it’s cool, but I don’t really understand it.  If a video doesn’t upload right, I get frustrated.  If I can’t publish a movie due to a conflict with missing or misplaced files, I get frustrated and want to start all over again no matter how much work I’ve put into the original.  That was my hell yesterday and you know, I look back and realize that although I was frustrated, I didn’t give up.  I walked away, regrouped, came back and tried something different that actually worked.  While going through all of that nonsense, I was determined to take my frustration out on Insanity and complained about completing the workouts, but as I said before, I’m no quitter.  I actually did the workout and felt pretty (bleeping) good afterwards.  It’s just 40 minutes of my life and what an awesome way to spend it.  Also, the cherry on top of yesterday’s ‘whine’ fest is that my eating was on point (dessert included).  So what was all of the fuss all about?

You’ll just have to see for yourself.  Ladies and gents, I give you my very first YouTube, fingerlickinNutrition video.


Healthy Journey!


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