Days 17 & 18: Viva Oaxaca!


It’s happening again!  Nostalgia. A few years ago I made a bold move.  I found a Spanish language school online, made reservations, purchased a plane ticket, and left the U.S. for the first time.  I was alone and on my way to Oaxaca, Mexico with only faith, a few bucks in my pocket, a Spanish/English dictionary, and a lot of balls.  Luckily for me, everything panned out.  I met a few good friends, climbed up to the top of a waterfall and pyramid, sprained an ankle, and met my new best friend, Mezcal.  The trip only got better with the addition of the World Cup and having Spanish class in a bar while watching a few cute guys kick a tiny ball across the screen.  Okay, I’m getting away from the purpose of this post.  What I miss the most about Mexico is the food.  More specifically, Tania’s* cooking!  I lived with Tania and her family during my stay and boy can that woman cook a mean egg with frijoles negros.  For the past two days I’ve been dishing up a few eggs and black beans with salsa in honor of this amazing food goddess.  I think I’m going to cry!


Fried Egg w/ Black Beans and Salsa, Grapes and Papaya


Fried Egg, Ezekiel toast, w/ Salsa and Avocado, Fruit Salad

When I wasn’t eating, in school, or at work, I just hung out with the most adventurous (another word for crazy) European friends.  One day you’re minding your own business and then the next you’re on a seven hour bus ride to Mexico City in search of absolutely nothing but trouble.  Well, there were some good things too like…..


…… climbing that pyramid,


checking out the amazing work of Diego Rivera, visiting the house he shared with Frida Kahlo and…..


throwing back a few cervezas in the middle of Mexico City while watching the World Cup on the big screen.

Ahhh, Mexico, I miss ya!


*Name change.


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