Days 15 & 16: Listen to Your Body


Let’s do something a little different today.  We’re talking about fitness first.  All of you guys out there pounding the pavement and blowing up YouTube workout videos or for those of us who are still stuck in the stone ages, the DVD player, you know that sometimes your body says,

“Whoah, I need a break.  You’re killing me!” or “I’m bored!”

Well, my body has been saying, “Girl, get out of the house and hit the trail.”  I’ve been craving the outdoors, especially with all of this awesome weather.  The first time I tried Insanity, it was during the winter and being indoors wasn’t such a crime, but now, to be inside while the birds, squirrels, and snakes are at play is like suicide.  Today I was scheduled to do Cardio Recovery, which is pretty much yoga and stretching.  I, however, went for a walk/run and did a few squats push-ups, and lunges throughout the morning.  I call this taking it easy, but I think I”m due for a nap before work.

I’ve been super busy with making videos to post on YouTube (I’ll post links later) and cooking throughout the week, but I’m taking it a bit easy this week.  Keeping my meals simple and pretty much eating the same thing everyday with a few alterations here and there.  Sometimes those alterations include gummy bears (sadly, their not soaked in vodka) and rice crackers! Uh oh!


Lately I’ve been snacking on junk when I get home from work at night and that’s just not cool.  I am definitely hungry at that time and not dehydrated.  I try to drink water before snacking, but that doesn’t make it go away.  It is definitely possible that my body is needing more food so I give in.  I’m afraid that this is going to affect my progress so I’m scaling back on the junk and preparing late night healthy snacks such as edamame, baby carrots, and a few raw almonds.  I don’t want to feel full, just satisfied.  This what my journey towards becoming healthier and fit is all about.  Making better decisions and being patient.  I’m not striving for perfection.

Healthy Journey!


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