Day 9: Beet It!

So I tried out a new recipe from my Vitamix cookbook, a raw vegan beet soup.  I was so excited about this one because I loooooove beets, however, there was a bit of an accident.  My Vitamix died half way through the blending process.  Well, I brought it back to life after giving it an hour or so to cool down so I guess you can say it didn’t really die, it just played possum.  I was finally able to make the soup, but I wasn’t too crazy about it.  I had some for dinner along with fish and yes, beet greens, but this was not my favorite meal.  Some may swoon over the awesome color, texture, and flavors, but I have to admit that I am not a huge fan.  I may use the leftovers as side dishes or some sort of sauce, but I won’t be making it again.  Sorry, Vitamix!

I’m still getting the late night hungers, but I’m trying to be more strategic about snacking.  If water doesn’t fix the issue, then I usually grab something small like yogurt with chia seeds, Cheerios (dry), fruit and nuts, or baby carrots.  That usually takes the edge off.  The thing is, I know I’m eating plenty of food.  Maybe my body just has to get use to not eating junk.  Am I still detoxing?

Insanity workout still going strong!



Blueberry Pie Protein Smoothie


Strawberry Banana Quinoa Muffins w/ Boiled Egg


Ginger Tofu w/ Bok Choy and Quinoa (Love this stuff)


Beet Soup w/ side of Lemon Cod and Greens


Chobani Greek Yogurt w/ Chia Seeds

*I also munched on a cup of dried Cheerios while watching Deadwood.  Popcorn would be a good choice if I didn’t hate getting pieces stuck between my teeth.

Healthy Journey!


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