Days 6 & 7: Taking It Easy


“Are you going to be able to eat out?”

“Do you want to meet me for dinner?”

“Do you want a cookie?”

These are some of the questions that I’ve been getting lately from the boyfriend and friends.  You know, I honestly haven’t thought about the answers.  In my mind I’ve been thinking that I would follow these fingerlickin guidelines during the weekday and possibly the weekends, but we all know that the weekends pose a completely different problem than the work week.  There’s the temptation of movie theater popcorn and jufubes, dinner parties, and birthday cake.  So what’s a girl to do?  I went with the flow.

I knew that I had plenty of healthy options in the house so when a friend invited me out for coffee, I threw an apple, baby carrots, seaweed chips, half of an almond butter sandwich, and my water bottle into my bag and headed out.  “Hey, if I buy a cookie do you want to share it?,” says my friend.  “Nope,” was my answer.  What I realized in that moment was that I didn’t really want the goodies.  Just because I was surrounded by sweet awesomeness didn’t mean that I had to try them.  I was equipped with good food, so why pay for the junk?  This weekend was a learning experience overall.  I’ve come to realize that if I really want something, it’s okay to have a little, but don’t make a big deal out of it.  No one’s going to arrest me for having a bite of banana pudding.  However, when I start to spiral out of control, that’s when someone’s got to pull me back in and that someone has to be me.  Following the fingerlickinNutrition guidelines has given me focus.  I haven’t perfected every single one and that’s okay.  The thing is that I now have more structure and am learning to enjoy healthy food again.

Still feeling good about my progress and hoping this week is just as successful as the last.

Healthy Journey!


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