Days 17 & 18: Viva Oaxaca!


It’s happening again!  Nostalgia. A few years ago I made a bold move.  I found a Spanish language school online, made reservations, purchased a plane ticket, and left the U.S. for the first time.  I was alone and on my way to Oaxaca, Mexico with only faith, a few bucks in my pocket, a Spanish/English dictionary, and a lot of balls.  Luckily for me, everything panned out.  I met a few good friends, climbed up to the top of a waterfall and pyramid, sprained an ankle, and met my new best friend, Mezcal.  The trip only got better with the addition of the World Cup and having Spanish class in a bar while watching a few cute guys kick a tiny ball across the screen.  Okay, I’m getting away from the purpose of this post.  What I miss the most about Mexico is the food.  More specifically, Tania’s* cooking!  I lived with Tania and her family during my stay and boy can that woman cook a mean egg with frijoles negros.  For the past two days I’ve been dishing up a few eggs and black beans with salsa in honor of this amazing food goddess.  I think I’m going to cry!


Fried Egg w/ Black Beans and Salsa, Grapes and Papaya


Fried Egg, Ezekiel toast, w/ Salsa and Avocado, Fruit Salad

When I wasn’t eating, in school, or at work, I just hung out with the most adventurous (another word for crazy) European friends.  One day you’re minding your own business and then the next you’re on a seven hour bus ride to Mexico City in search of absolutely nothing but trouble.  Well, there were some good things too like…..


…… climbing that pyramid,


checking out the amazing work of Diego Rivera, visiting the house he shared with Frida Kahlo and…..


throwing back a few cervezas in the middle of Mexico City while watching the World Cup on the big screen.

Ahhh, Mexico, I miss ya!


*Name change.


Days 15 & 16: Listen to Your Body


Let’s do something a little different today.  We’re talking about fitness first.  All of you guys out there pounding the pavement and blowing up YouTube workout videos or for those of us who are still stuck in the stone ages, the DVD player, you know that sometimes your body says,

“Whoah, I need a break.  You’re killing me!” or “I’m bored!”

Well, my body has been saying, “Girl, get out of the house and hit the trail.”  I’ve been craving the outdoors, especially with all of this awesome weather.  The first time I tried Insanity, it was during the winter and being indoors wasn’t such a crime, but now, to be inside while the birds, squirrels, and snakes are at play is like suicide.  Today I was scheduled to do Cardio Recovery, which is pretty much yoga and stretching.  I, however, went for a walk/run and did a few squats push-ups, and lunges throughout the morning.  I call this taking it easy, but I think I”m due for a nap before work.

I’ve been super busy with making videos to post on YouTube (I’ll post links later) and cooking throughout the week, but I’m taking it a bit easy this week.  Keeping my meals simple and pretty much eating the same thing everyday with a few alterations here and there.  Sometimes those alterations include gummy bears (sadly, their not soaked in vodka) and rice crackers! Uh oh!


Lately I’ve been snacking on junk when I get home from work at night and that’s just not cool.  I am definitely hungry at that time and not dehydrated.  I try to drink water before snacking, but that doesn’t make it go away.  It is definitely possible that my body is needing more food so I give in.  I’m afraid that this is going to affect my progress so I’m scaling back on the junk and preparing late night healthy snacks such as edamame, baby carrots, and a few raw almonds.  I don’t want to feel full, just satisfied.  This what my journey towards becoming healthier and fit is all about.  Making better decisions and being patient.  I’m not striving for perfection.

Healthy Journey!


Day 14: Elite Week

This week I’ve added quite a few recipes from the Elite Nutritional Plan (Insanity) to my weekly meals.  I wanted to simplify my meals even more because I need a tiny break from the kitchen.  I’m still eating a lot of fresh food and staying away from the fast food.  With the Elite plan, the meals are very basic, nothing too special except the ratio of carbs, fats, and proteins.  They’re pretty spot on in terms of getting what you need to survive throughout the day, but I just don’t like the fact that it’s the bare minimum when it comes to flavor.  I’m kicking things up a notch!  Many of the recipes from the Elite plan call for ready-made items.  I used some such as veggie patties that were made with all natural ingredients, but I skipped the canned bean soup and opted to make my own.  Black beans mixed with fresh salsa and lime juice.  Boom, Bam, Done!

INSANITY UPDATE:  I killed my second Fit Test.  I don’t know what got in to me, but I did much better this time.  I’m feeling stronger and able to go through most of my workouts without taking too many breaks.  I’m definitely crediting my Super menu for my success.


Proatmeal w/ Raspberries and Hemp Seeds


Fruit & Nut KIND bar w/ Greek Yogurt and Chia Seeds


Black Bean Soup w/ Veggie Sandwich


Banana Protein Soft Serve w/ Raw Almonds and Coconut


Lemon Cod w/ Broccoli and Baked Sweet Potato


Day 12 & 13: Date Night w/ Treats


I am a very busy lady these days, but there’s always time for Baldy and smooches.  I decided to go out for dinner this weekend for the first time since starting this program in order to see how I would behave when out in the ‘real world.’  You know, I still have a lot to work on, but I’m doing pretty darn good.  Now, I’ve never been one to turn down a churro and I definitely didn’t turn down one this weekend.  Instead of eating the entire thing, I gave half to my sweetie.  I must admit that it wasn’t as good this time around and I think it’s mainly due to the fact that my palate has graduated from juvenile things to awesomeness a.k.a. ‘real food.’


Okay, well maybe I should back up for a second.  The churro was a sweet treat after our monthly grocery haul at Cosco.   However, Baldy and I decided to go out and watch the new Brad Pitt movie, World War Z.  Great movie, by the way!  I’m very proud to say that I opted not to eat the Nestle Crunch candy that calls out my name every time we pass the concession stand.  I snuck in some baby carrots and edamame.  The lady sitting next to me during the movie also snuck in some goodies.  Fresh fruit.  Way to go, Mystery Lady!  After having my Brad Pitt fix, we got dinner and once again the rules went out the window.  Spinach Quiche, beet salad, roasted vegetables and a few pita bread slices.  Oh, we also shared a pecan pie bar.  Again, it wasn’t as great as I thought it would be!

images (1)

I had dairy and bread for dinner and it was no big deal.  It didn’t kill me and I enjoyed it.  I created the fingerlickinnutrition “guidelines” to give me direction, not as a means of control.  Trust me, there aren’t any little green broccoli men swooping down from food heaven spanking my hands every time I eat something that’s ‘bad’ for me.  I’m learning to make logical decisions that will serve me well beyond these 60 days.  So far, I’m liking the results and I don’t feel stressed.  Now if only I could hire someone to cook the rest of these meals for me.  That would be awesome with a capital A!  Tomorrow I’m back in the kitchen and burning the floor with Shaun T.  Am I Insane or what?

Healthy Journey!


Day 11: Light & Tight

Happy Summer, Everyone!

Is it officially bathing suit time?  Well, maybe not for me, but for those of you out there strutting your stuff on the beach and feeling good about it, keep it up! I’m so inspired!

I woke up this morning feeling a big blah, but after walking around this morning I realized that I felt a little slimmer and my abs were tighter so I jumped on the scale.  Folks, I met one of my monthly goals.  I’m officially out of the 180 range.  Kiss my bootay, 180, I never want to see you again!  Man, I worked so hard to make that happen, but I’m still a little too close for comfort so you know what that means.  I’ve got to keep going!

Even with all of the food I’m eating, I still feel hungry after work so now I’m aiming to have an extra snack with veggies, fiber, and a little fat.  So far, it’s helping.

INSANITY: Yesterday was my Cardio Recovery day.  I was exhausted so I did most of the workout, but decided to walk and do a few other relaxing exercises.  I just wasn’t feeling Insanity as much, but I made an effort.  After all, I’m listening to my body and she knows best!

So, here are things that my belly loved yesterday!  Leftovers, gone!


Power Breakfast! (Eggs, Tomatoes-Peppers, Avocado, Spinach, Grapes, Ezekiel Bread


Strawberry Banana Quinoa Muffins w/ Egg


Almond Choco-Berry Protein Smoothie


Ginger Tofu w/ Bok Choy, Quinoa


Papay, Shrimp Salad w/ Steamed Broccoli

*Hunger Control Snack: 1/2 almond butter sandwich and grapes

Healthy Journey!


Day 10: Power, Baby!


Still feeling a little hungry after work (10 p.m.), but trying to find ways to fuel up without losing progress.  I seriously think my body is just confused and wanting sugar, but I’m not craving it.  Here’s what I think I should do as far as the junk goes.  If I’ve eaten a good meal and feel satisfied, but really, really, really want a cake pop (Best thing ever!) or whatever’s calling my name, then I will have a piece in moderation and enjoy it.  Just as long as it’s not an everyday thing.  I’m also trying to incorporate more veggies into my diet, which is why I opted to have a tomato-orange pepper salad with my breakfast.  It was an awesome decision.  I made the same breakfast this morning for my boyfriend and he loved it.  Hey, I’m trying to make my family healthy one bite at a time.  We’ve all got a lot of work ahead of us, but hey, it’s worth it.

I rocked Insanity yesterday.  I’m still struggling with the floor exercised, but everything else is going well.  I’m feeling stronger in my back and upper body and my thighs are definitely feeling the burn.  My goal with Insanity is to do all of the exercises at least 3-5 reps before passing out onto the floor.  I make a deal with myself.  If I can do 3 ski-abs back-to-back, then I have permission to fall onto the floor unless I feel like pushing for more, but I don’t rest too long.  I get back into it and try to finish strong.  However, tomorrow is recovery and I am in dire need of this break.  Seriously!



Scrambled Eggs w/ Ezekiel Toast, Tomato Salad, Strawberries and Grapes, Avocado Slices


Blueberry Pie Protein Smoothie


Leftovers: Ginger Tofu w/ Bok Choy and Red Quinoa


Papaya and Shrimp Salad with Avocado and Quinoa

*Snacked on raisins, steamed broccoli, and almond butter-jelly sandwich!

Healthy Journey!


Day 9: Beet It!

So I tried out a new recipe from my Vitamix cookbook, a raw vegan beet soup.  I was so excited about this one because I loooooove beets, however, there was a bit of an accident.  My Vitamix died half way through the blending process.  Well, I brought it back to life after giving it an hour or so to cool down so I guess you can say it didn’t really die, it just played possum.  I was finally able to make the soup, but I wasn’t too crazy about it.  I had some for dinner along with fish and yes, beet greens, but this was not my favorite meal.  Some may swoon over the awesome color, texture, and flavors, but I have to admit that I am not a huge fan.  I may use the leftovers as side dishes or some sort of sauce, but I won’t be making it again.  Sorry, Vitamix!

I’m still getting the late night hungers, but I’m trying to be more strategic about snacking.  If water doesn’t fix the issue, then I usually grab something small like yogurt with chia seeds, Cheerios (dry), fruit and nuts, or baby carrots.  That usually takes the edge off.  The thing is, I know I’m eating plenty of food.  Maybe my body just has to get use to not eating junk.  Am I still detoxing?

Insanity workout still going strong!



Blueberry Pie Protein Smoothie


Strawberry Banana Quinoa Muffins w/ Boiled Egg


Ginger Tofu w/ Bok Choy and Quinoa (Love this stuff)


Beet Soup w/ side of Lemon Cod and Greens


Chobani Greek Yogurt w/ Chia Seeds

*I also munched on a cup of dried Cheerios while watching Deadwood.  Popcorn would be a good choice if I didn’t hate getting pieces stuck between my teeth.

Healthy Journey!